Over 25 years in the recycling revolution

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, we started manufacturing fence posts from recycled plastic in 1993. In the past, we recycled everything from empty pesticide/herbicide containers to curbside recycling plastic (#3 to #7) and plastic film. We can’t even begin to imagine the amount of waste plastic we have saved from our environment!

Whether you’re a farmer/rancher, landscaper or operate an equine facility; Everwood Posts™ provide durable fencing that spans generations. The result? You save time and money while doing your part to repurpose plastic waste.

We strive to create products that best serve your needs, and we have over two decades of experience finding new ways to repurpose unwanted plastic. If you are a company in search of an environmentally responsible way to dispose of your excess plastic waste, we can consult with you to find a solution.