The Benefits of Using Everwood Plastic Fence Posts

Sometimes you look at products and wonder what the difference is, but digging a little deeper can net you a whole lot of cash.

Some of the benefits of using our Everwood Plastic Fence Posts are:

Our plastic fence posts are made out of a plastic that will not breakdown in the environment for 400 years, not having to replace them saves you money for fence posts and labour;

Staples and nails are much harder to get out of than wood, because the plastic has a memory element and attempts to go back to its original shape before the nail or staple went in;

The posts are self insulating so there is no need to put insulators on your strands of electric fence, therefore saving you money;

Some of our users have just drilled holes in the posts and strung through the electric wire;

You can use traditional post installing tools, including hammers, nails, drills, saws and post pounders, so no need to purchase a specialized tool or equipment;

With the post able to withstand the environmental ravages of time, you will not have to replace it unless you bump it with the tractor, its going to behave similar to a wood post in strength;

Horses, and termites do not like to eat it;

There is no dry rot;

It will not rot in wet conditions; and,

It will not leach any chemicals into the environment.

So with all the cost saving benefits of using our Everwood Recycled Plastic Fence Post, we would love if you could look at it a little closer and check the benefits out for yourself.

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