When you have enough work on your plate……..

We all know spring on the farm has a workload like no other. Calving, getting ready to seed, farm machinery maintenance, the list is endless.

Replacing fence posts does not need to be one of list items.

The Everwood 100% Recycled Plastic Fence Post does not: Rot; breakdown in the environment; need electric fence insulators; or, get damaged by insects.

They cost a bit more than the wood post (depending on your area), but you put them in and forget about them. How much does it truly cost, including labor, machinery use and replacing the fence post?

Staples are difficult to remove once installed in the plastic post, making it more difficult for animals, that hang on the wire, the ability to pop them out and swallow them.

Our recycled plastic fence posts can be used exactly like a wood post. You can staple and nail them, pound them in the ground using a traditional post pounder, drill them, and cut them.

This is just a snap shot of the positive attributes of our fence posts.

Give us a call at 1-877-528-3983 or drop us a line through our contact information sheet on our website, to find a retailer near you.

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